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We built Artificial Intelligence that gives you financial superpowers.
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"Perfiqt gives you easy & free access to personalized financial information."

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Powerful Artificial Intelligence that turns advanced financial planning into a short, fun and engaging process. You will do in minutes what takes finance professionals hours.

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Am I spending too much? Should I buy or rent? When can I retire? Pay off debt? + many more


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Build an amazing detailed financial plan and see impact from every action you take


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Get rid of financial anxiety
and stand up for yourself against financial abuse.


It's simple and fun!

Use our simple interface to plan your life.
We'll do the financial heavy-lifting to give you answers and financial plan!

Suzan K. engineer, Montreal

Suzan K. engineer, Montreal

"I never thought Finance could be this easy! No more anxiety about finances for me"

Karen S. student, Toronto

Karen S. student, Toronto

"I gave Perfiqt a try and couldn't leave it. I now know that I am off track and how to fix it!"

Why we do it?

Finance industry is optimized to make money, not to help you.
We are changing this.

"The complexity of finance makes it harder for people to see when they are being screwed. Too many people follow a sales pitch, thinking that they actually get an expert advice. To help, we came up with a Perfiqt idea:
instead of advice - give people easy access to information.
When you know - you are much harder to trick. Information is the best protection against abuse."

- Gene Khalyapin, Founder/CEO -


Perfiqt (pronounced as 'perfect') stands for PERsonal FInancial QuesTions. We help you answer your personal financial question, so we thought this name would be a perfect fit for it.
Our AI can answer any financial question. Though we are rolling them out in batches. Here are some examples:

Am I on the right track financially? Should I buy or rent? Am I spending too much? Can I afford an extra vacation? What's my net worth? Should I be investing? What's my investment risk tolerance? When can I become debt free? Should I pay off my debts sooner? Can I? and many more
No. Robo-advisors automate the investment process for a fee. Perfiqt gives you free, personalized information to empower you to make better financial decisions: savings, investments, debts, inheritance, travel, car, house, etc.
That's great! You are a step ahead of most. Our mission is to give you unbiased information. That's all. The information is yours so you can use it any way you want: you can take it to your advisor to help him/her serve you better, or your "robo-advisor", banker, spouse, partner - we never lock you or control how you use your own information.