We offer you free, personalized information to empower you to make better financial decisions. We visually show you the financial impact from your life decisions in a simple and intuitive way.

With that information you can make the smartest financial decisions yourself.

Traveling. Buying a house. Saving more. Saving less. Having children. Paying off debt sooner. Borrowing more. Buying that Porsche you've dreamed of... Now you can make sense of it all in minutes
Perfiqt (pronounced as 'perfect') stands for PERsonal FInancial QuesTions. We help you answer your personal financial question, so we thought this name would be a perfect fit for it.
No. Robo-advisors automate the investment process for a fee. Perfiqt gives you free, personalized information to empower you to make better financial decisions: savings, investments, debts, inheritance, travel, car, house, etc.
That's great! You are a step ahead of most. Our mission is to give you unbiased information. That's all. The information is yours so you can use it any way you want: you can take it to your advisor to help him/her serve you better, or your "robo-advisor", banker, spouse, partner - we never lock you or control how you use your own information.
The information we provide is always free and unbiased. You can use this information to make smarter financial decision on your own or with the help of your financial advisor. You can also let us help you implement your financial decisions for a small fee. For example, we can help you negotiate savings on your mortgage or have your profile reviewed by a fiduciary advisor. Again, these services are optional and they are not tied to the free information we provide.
Yes. This is not necessary, but it's an option that you have at Perfiqt. We have Certified Financial Planners who can help you if needed. They are fiduciary: they are not paid a commission on sales so giving you the best service is their main objective.